Before you spend another winter heating your home with a furnace alone.. 

Do you know there’s a more efficient and affordable way to heat AND cool your home? In fact, this new way is so efficient that it has the ability to pay for itself! 

So, what is the best way to heat and cool your home? 

A Heat Pump and a Furnace. 

Heat pumps are able to heat and cool your home while the furnace is there for backup on those extra cold days. The best part? 

Right now you could get a FREE heat pump when you purchase a York furnace! 

How so? 

Book your furnace replacement before December 15th 2023 and you will receive the upgraded package of a whole home central air heat pump to replace your existing AC even if you have never had one installed before. 

You will also receive up to $7,100 back from the Greener Home Canada Grant with the installation of a whole home central air heat pump. 

This system is incredibly quiet when compared with traditional AC units. All these features add up for less stress and more convenience once installed. 

To give you more ease of mind, here are some more benefits of a heat pump: 

  • 10 Year Manufacturer Parts Warranty 
  • Additional 10 Year Labour Warranty Available 

Book Now Offer Ends December 15th (*terms and conditions apply)

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